Albian Warp is a community replacement for the long-defunct Docking Station multiplayer server. There is no real feasible way to reverse engineer the original server protocol as there are no packet dumps available from when the servers were still online, so ham5ter came up with a workaround that involves running a client program which communicates with the game, so Docking Station can connect to the new Albian Warp server.

Albian Warp uses a Json/Rest API for most of its Features and a Websocket for realtime Communication like the Chat.


The Server is a Flask based web application/API which supports sending messages and creatures to other players, while also providing a Restful API and a Websocket Interface to the Albian Warp Client, making realtime communication between online players possible.


The Client uses the API and Websocket provided by the server and bridges it with the corresponding in-game functionality by utilizing the Caos-Class-Library.


Albian Warp Team on Github

Installation instructions

#albianwarp in the Caos Coding Cave Discord

Creatures Wiki page about Albian Warp