Albian Warp pre-1.0 Test Release

I posted a few days ago on the Creatures Caves forum about the delay in development, then promptly forgot to update here. So, here’s an update.

As many of the community already know, life has gotten in the way of Albian Warp off and on for the past few months. Unfortunately for us, bills do not pay for themselves, so paid work takes top priority. In between work, though, I have begun rewriting the server to make it more extensible and easier to update in the future.

The biggest reason I have decided to rewrite the server is that I have learned a ton in the last month, which I want to apply to Albian Warp. I have also been talking with several other people about various projects that we’re working on, and have come to the conclusion that they all intersect at certain points. We all have some pretty amazing ideas, which should, if completed, make it easier to install and extend Creatures Docking Station.

I am still following the path laid out in the previous post, but am not sure when I will have this stable for testing. While I am programming on the new version, though, I am taking what ham5ter did for the Albian Warp Client and making it usable for everyone, so we can get going with enabling the Green Light for everyone! When ham5ter is around, I’ll be working with him to integrate this into the website proper.

If you are interested in helping out, please let us know on our Creatures Caves thread!


5 thoughts on “Albian Warp pre-1.0 Test Release

  1. Doringo says:

    From CC-Chat (Don’t hate me for posting this, please):
    “[20:18] Getting it back on green light once you’ve clicked yourself offline”

    I havn’t had any bugs so far, working perfectly!

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