Albian Warp News Update

Hi, Ham5ter and SillySina here.

Due to personal Stuff going on with our lives, the Albian Warp Project stalled a little. However, we are rebooting this project!

Why the Reboot?

The original Albian Warp Code was quiet messy and hard to follow. Also a great obstacle was the fact, that ham5ter originally intended to develop his own Communication Protocol. Developing a new protocol is a relay cool challenge on its own, but with Albian Warp it was more of a hindrance! With the reboot we have the opportunity to speed up developing by getting rid of all the hindrances.

What now?

We decided to totally scrap the original server code base and start over with an Webservice-based approach. On the Serverside, we decided to Stick to Python and use Flask, a very cool frameworks to speed up development!

The Client is still based on C#.Net and makes use of the CAOS Class Library ham5ter wrote. But, for Security Reasons, we decided that we want to put the Authentication out of the Game Engine and move it into the Albian Warp Client, where the Login credentials cannot easily be accessed by every Agent that is in the Game!

Another thing that we want to do, is to keep this blog more up to date, so brace yourself for more frequent updates. ^^

Where is the Source code now?

Another thing that I wanted to do is, to move all the Projects I work on over to Guthub, I closed down my personal gitlab server “” and we moved the Albian Warp Git Repositorys over here: Albian Warp on

The CAOS Class Library and my CaosConsole can also be found on Github: Ham5ter’s GIT Repositories on Github.

Can I help?

If you know your Way around any of these Languages:

  • Python
  • C#.Net
  • CAOS

You Can probably help us! Take a look into the GIT Repositories, and contact us via, and we will see where we can fit you in. 🙂

I can’t Code, but I still want to help!

Very soon we will release a (hopefully working) Alpha Client, and a Basic Webpage, where you can Register a Albian Warp Account.
By using the Alpha Client, and reporting any “weird Stuff” and unforeseen Error Messages to us, you are greatly helping us!
Also if you have cool Ideas or just want to talk to us, you can join the Creatures Caves Chat, where we most of the Time hang out.

If you have a Github account, feel free to submit bugs/”weird stuff” in the issue tracker. Just, please search before posting a duplicate error!

Thank you for your time!

Sourcecode is now available

Hi, yesterday i made the Source-code of Albian Warp public, i hesitate a little to do this step, due to the Fact, that the Source-code is… well, at this point everything is more like a proof of Concept, this is not what the final Product will look like!

Currently no Documentation or Installation Manual exists, but thos familiar with GIT, c#, CAOS or Python, can now Follow the Development!

At this point, i want to say, that we are still looking for Contributors! so if you look through the Source-code and think “Oh Noez!  what are they doing *facepalm*” just contact me or SillySina 🙂

The Sourcecode can be found over here:

EDIT: Fixed dead Link
EDIT: Everything is released under the GPL3 License!