AW Messaging on the way

Life has been keeping ham5ter and I terribly busy, so I thought I would send out an update to let everyone know this! I have been going through the .cos files and assessing just how much we’re going to need to take out and/or modify. From doing this, it has come to my attention how woefully bad my interpreting of CAOS is. (It really isn’t that bad, it’s just far different to my eyes after staring at Python all day.)

Within the next few days I will be setting up a “live” development server, so that I can start testing a registration and login system for everybody. That is the server where I will be pushing updates to before I put them in the code repository, so that I can get some real testing done. This does not mean that there is a whole lot that you would visibly be able to see working, it would just be testing the basics so that we know our foundation is solid before moving forward.

For all you daring souls, this would be a perfect opportunity to help us do some testing. I cannot stress enough that things are not going to be terribly exciting after connecting: until messages are put in, all you will see in your game is the green light.

This is the current path I am thinking about going down:

  • Establish registration and login
  • Establish server-announce, so that the server can send messages to everybody that is logged in
  • Establish status messages, so players can update their statuses
  • Establish other messaging systems to pave the way for sending and receiving creatures.

I have chosen this path order because it would greatly help us test out sending and receiving information, without accidentally sending broken creatures to everybody. The last thing I would want to see right now is everything crash because a creature failed to send correctly.

What are your thoughts? As always, your ideas and suggestions are always welcomed (and encouraged)!

We have a brainstorming thread going over on Creatures Caves!


9 thoughts on “AW Messaging on the way

      1. savannahs1 says:

        Me,too!I’ve always wanted to experience the warp,and beta testing it is the best I can do,because I’m not that great with coding.The elixir over on CC is the best I can do.When will warping be tested?I’m super excited to test that.When the official release comes out,that’ll be one more way to keep my world from lagging to the point of a game crash.

        1. cptmashek says:

          The creature warping won’t be around for a bit yet – need to get the messaging stuff working so that I know we can send creatures to each other. After that, I think I’ll start setting up a place to store creatures, so we can send them to each other. 😀

  1. Doringo says:

    I would love to test this as soon as I can, also will it be more easier to use than last time when it was on gitlab?

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