Current State of Albian Warp


Life has been super unpleasant for me in the last year or so, but I am back! Though I have been quiet, I have been doing some work on the server. I am currently gathering up everything regarding Albian Warp so that this project can be more useful.

In the immediate future I intend on having a dedicated test server going, as well as instructions on how to see the beloved Green Light again. There’s a massive amount of new things I have learned that should hopefully make expanding the server relatively easier.


3 thoughts on “Current State of Albian Warp

  1. Zombie_Who says:

    hello glad to see someone is working on this i would love to see ds working again, I just reinstalled c3/ds again today, and am sad to see so much missing, you cant even aquire the norn packs from CL, even norngarden 2 cant be purchased anymore. Of all the missing content ds online Warp and chat is the most devestating.

    best of luck and hope this coming year is better for you.

    ps happy thanksgivings day.

  2. DarkCenobyte says:

    I just heard about this project, I recently bought the game on GOG (I’m not new to DS/C3, I played when I was younger many years ago), and it would be really great to get a DockingStation with all its online features.

    Good luck on this project 😀

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