Sourcecode is now available

Hi, yesterday i made the Source-code of Albian Warp public, i hesitate a little to do this step, due to the Fact, that the Source-code is… well, at this point everything is more like a proof of Concept, this is not what the final Product will look like!

Currently no Documentation or Installation Manual exists, but thos familiar with GIT, c#, CAOS or Python, can now Follow the Development!

At this point, i want to say, that we are still looking for Contributors! so if you look through the Source-code and think “Oh Noez!  what are they doing *facepalm*” just contact me or SillySina 🙂

The Sourcecode can be found over here:

EDIT: Fixed dead Link
EDIT: Everything is released under the GPL3 License!



9 thoughts on “Sourcecode is now available

  1. Savannahs1 says:

    I got the .cos files,and they need the client to be running,so it would be so awesome if we knew how to get the darn thing running.

  2. says:

    This Post was not the invitation for Alpha testing, you can of Course, host your own server, with the Provided Materials, you will just have to do some minor Modifications, and Compile everything with Visual Studio 🙂

    Right now the Client itself would be useless, because there is no Official AlbianWarp Server running atm.

  3. Savannahs1 says:

    Well,about alpha testing,when this gets to that point,it’s pretty much the only thing I’ll be useful for the development in any way,because i don’t know crap about coding.Mabye you could just release this when it’s in the first stage where it can actually do anything other than provide another way to play your world without logging in,and have people tell you when they find bugs.I’d be happy to finally experience the warp,even if it was a blob of horrific coding that was full of stupid glitches.Not that I’m saying that this is what I described,I’m pretty much just saying that the only requirement for me to be happy with it would be that it can at least perform its intended function.

    1. says:

      I released the Sourcecode, because i want the Albian Warp to be released under the GPL3 License, using an opensource License, and not opening the Source seemed dumb to me 😉

      We focus on getting things done mainly, and want to clean up our “mess” afterwards, dont worry.

      Greetings Ham5ter

    2. cptmashek says:

      Well, testing will certainly be needed in the future! For now, though, we are still working on the important features, like being able to save and send creatures to people without breaking everything. 😀

  4. Ironlion45 says:

    It’s great to see that this project is still alive and running! I am enthusiastic that you will, at some point, succeed in restoring multiplayer functions to Creatures.

    Here’s food for thought: You could conceivably open up a donations option, or do a wee kickstarter, to help cover the costs of keeping such a server running.

    With the relatively small number of people currently playing, these costs are likely to remain low.

    1. cptmashek says:

      That is a neat idea! I do not know how successful a thing would be though, given the relatively limited player base. Then again, it seems people have been coming to know the games, after seeing Creatures Online.

      1. says:

        I guess at his point i wont need any Support, in terms of Money, to keep AlbianWarp running.

        But if I will ever have to Chose between getting Food on the Table and running the Server, ill consider this an Option 🙂

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