Sourcecode is now available

Hi, yesterday i made the Source-code of Albian Warp public, i hesitate a little to do this step, due to the Fact, that the Source-code is… well, at this point everything is more like a proof of Concept, this is not what the final Product will look like!

Currently no Documentation or Installation Manual exists, but thos familiar with GIT, c#, CAOS or Python, can now Follow the Development!

At this point, i want to say, that we are still looking for Contributors! so if you look through the Source-code and think “Oh Noez!  what are they doing *facepalm*” just contact me or SillySina 🙂

The Sourcecode can be found over here:

EDIT: Fixed dead Link
EDIT: Everything is released under the GPL3 License!


Saying Hello With a Green Light

Hello! Ham5ter mentioned wanting to have a blog here, so here it is.

What’s a more fitting way than to start our blog with progress? Over the course of last night, ham5ter posted on Creatures Caves that he has enabled the green light! While this is something that sounds super simple, it means that we are able to connect Docking Station to our own server.

Logging into AlbianWarp...

Logging into AlbianWarp…


Logged in

…gives us a green light!

I am super happy to see this light once again. This is what it looks like from the back-end:

This is the test client.

This is the test client.

This is the server.

This is the server.

I look forward to sharing more updates with everyone!