The Journey So Far, Part 1/7

Hey everyone! Aiko here, aka Amaikokonut of Naturing :: Nurturing. As a lot of you know, I dove in pretty hard when I heard that Albian Warp was kicking up again and have really gotten my hands messy with the CAOS side of things. Thank heavens ham5ter has been able to handle all the client and server side stuff that I don’t understand.

Anyway, it’s been a while since this blog has had an update, so I wanted to try to share with you the journey as it’s been so far from my perspective, along with some of the hilarities and mishaps we’ve run into along the way. While my view of the story is almost purely about the CAOS side, maybe ham5ter will post his viewpoints at some point too. The client and server development side of things is a whole other story in and of itself!

This post got so long (over 2000 words and 40+ screenshots!) that I split it up and will be posting one part every couple days until you’re all caught up. It’s been quite a long road so far and trying to cram it all into one post was a little overwhelming, so be sure to check back for the rest of this travelogue.

This chapter of our story starts around the end of March this year, when ham5ter posted about his intent to continue the Albian Warp Project as “a very basic client, server and basic tools that do nothing more then bridging CAOS and the network communication.” Not long after, he began posting live updates on his progress in the #AlbianWarp channel of the Caos Coding Cave discord server. Discovering that the Caos Class Library could be used from within Python, he decided that the Albian Warp Client would be written in Python as well, much to the joy of everyone who dislikes using Visual Studio.

Around the same time, ham5ter explained how exactly these tools were going to work:

I expressed an interest in helping out with the CAOS side of things. Pilla (of Pilla’s DS Agents) posted a neat mockup of what a message on the receiving end might look like:

Excitement was building, and it didn’t even have to build for long. The very next day, the first “Alpha Alpaca” client was shared with the development channel, and ham5ter, myself, and Mea (of Caos of the Creatures Realm) took part in the first “green light” test in a very long time. Although nothing in the game itself was really working yet, the client was sending and receiving agent messages (now referred to as DMAs) just fine!

At this stage it was discovered that due to Windows protection mechanisms, the client and the DLL often needed to be unblocked before they would function. We also learned, after some frustration, that the CAOS Class Library was incompatible with other tools that interface with the game such as the CAOS Tool and the CAOS Debugger, as these tools interfere with the Shared Memory. These are still problems we are looking to mitigate, but they didn’t stop us from moving forward.


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