The Journey So Far, Part 2/7

( This is a multi-part post. Read part 1 here)

Inspired by the progress so far, I rigged up some CAOS to allow for the agent-messages sent between the clients to show up in the in-game inbox:

Mail was working! Well, sort of. You still couldn’t compose messages within the game yet, or pick someone from a list of contacts, or.. anything else really. But we also had a lot of fun testing, stressing, and crashing the client by sending message full of nonsense syllables, line breaks, and super long subject lines.

Around this time, ham5ter was nice enough to give me a crash course in using github. This was kind of new and scary to me, but if anything is going to push me into learning newer technologies, it’s probably going to be something Creatures-related. The AlbianWarpGameModifications repository was put to good use. Things were getting official! The ball was really rolling now.

Getting contacts working was the next task. If you used the warp back in the day, you might recall that adding specific people to your contacts could be a bit of a pain. Your contacts list was world-specific, so each time you started a new world you had to either reimport your contacts from an exported file, or start over. While the Docking Station site website was active, you could manually add contacts via the web interface, but once that was down you either had to resort to using CAOS or warp creatures out to random people until you happened to warp one to the person you were looking for. Ham5ter proposed having the client simply automatically fill in the contacts with everyone that was registered, making that struggle a thing of the past. Excitement was rising over the realization that maybe we could not only bring back the warp: maybe we could make it better!

But maybe it was too early to get excited. After all, what’s a warp without… warping?


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