The Journey So Far, Part 3/7

( This is a multi-part post. Part 1 Part 2)

Creatures weren’t actually traveling across the web yet, but you could log in on one account, send a creature to another account, and then log in on that account to receive the creature as long as you stayed on the same computer. Ham5ter was able to implement the creatures warp out/in code from the CAOS side, but while he was working on getting the server side running, I decided to test things out and start refining the immigrant checker code. But… that’s when things got a little weird.

The Bedbug-Bug, as it would later be known, was thankfully (mostly) remedied by the time the server side of things was running.

Finally, after more testing and debugging, on April 4th, the very first norn, ‘hans’ traveled safely through the Albian Warp from ham5ter’s computer to mine:

How does it feel, hans?

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2 thoughts on “The Journey So Far, Part 3/7

  1. Ham5ter says:

    Fun Fact, while Hans is a old German name given to boys, the creature Hans actually was a female Norn XD.

    Naming things is Hard!

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