The Journey So Far, Part 7/7

The containment chamber’s ‘send all creatures’ button had been broken from the start, and portals still weren’t sending creatures to friends properly. There were some problems with creatures trying to warp when they had already, or copies of creatures that had already been exported throwing errors when they tried to warp. Testers had also expressed some annoyance at having to start a new world with every update, or manually re-inject the 15+ cosfiles that the Albian Warp scripts had come to encompass, so I made an agent to make that less painful too.

The break I had taken for minor bugfixing was pretty morale boosting. Most of the fixes turned out to be easier than I thought. It was especially satisfying to finally be able to warp out a whole bunch of creatures at once– and a bit faster than the old warp too, if memory serves me correctly.

Creatures now warped through portals as soon as they pushed them as well– an improvement over the several second delay in in the original warp scripts.

Feeling optimistic, I dove back into fixing the chat function. If nothing else, testing the group chat could be… entertaining as I filled it with fake users to chat with.

The contacts book attempts to add every user it ever encounters, via chat, creature warp, or otherwise, to the contacts list. This includes those that don’t exist, and even those ones that have a tint tag as part of their username (please do not make a tint tag as part of your username).

Finally, on May 15th, after several days of re-coding and testing with Ham5ter, Mea, and Pilla, the chat function was finally considered functional.

And well? I guess that’s where we are now. Is it ready for the public? Not quite, as you’ll see if you take a look at the Game Modifications issues page (and that’s just the CAOS part, there’s the client and server issues pages too). But wow, we’ve come so far just in the last couple months and it’s really exciting! With the help of our testers, we’re getting closer to Beta all the time– check out the the Beta Roadmap board on our project page to see what’s left to do before the public release.

But if you just can’t wait to start warping norns around, don’t mind bugs and crashes, and want to help out, you can get involved in the Alpha test by joining us on the Caos Coding Cave discord server and checking out the project Wiki for directions to get started.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this blog for updates! We’re getting so close it’s hard to believe this all happened so fast. But like I said at the very beginning, I want this to be the time it happens. For real.


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